COVID-19 Operating Updates

Guys - first, I hope each and every one of you are staying safe during this wild time. That's where our minds and hearts are at right now. With that said, we are keeping a close eye on how our fulfillment companies are handling their COVID response.

As you may or may not know, most of our products are printed and shipped on demand from companies in the U.S. We do this for a few reasons. Most importantly we want to be ecologically conscious and sustainable by not printing more shirts than we need. Second, it allows us to offer a wider variety of fits and styles to serve a broader audience. When we started we carefully tested multiple fulfillment companies, and the two we selected were constantly outperforming others on speed and quality of print. Those are the two things we hope to pass along to the customer.

During COVID, we shifted our focus to see how the companies we'd selected were taking care of their own employees. This was something we felt strongly about. We're incredibly happy to report that they have both exceeded our expectations. They're closely following their local governments' COVID business guidelines and providing regular updates to their customers (us) on the status of production. Due to the restrictions in some areas, some companies had to close entire facilities and others have had to cut their personnel in half or more to meet the 6 feet rule. While some facilities were hit harder than others, those that remain open are volunteering to pick up the slack for those that were shuttered. 

As you can probably imagine, this now means that a smaller number of facilities with even fewer workers than normal are attempting to complete 3-4x the normal work load. This has resulted in fulfillment times 3-4x longer than what you're used to from us. They have been nothing but patient and understanding about questions, and we're trying to keep that same mindset. We could have easily shifted our production to places like China to continue getting products out quickly (as some others have done), but we would have sacrificed quality and supporting American workers in the process. We were not willing to do that. I hope you understand and agree that simply getting a t-shirt order delivered a few weeks later than you'd like is a small price to pay for employee safety and not abandoning these workers when they're already suffering. 

Never forget that we are all in this together.


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