What is Threaded Wit?

Welcome to Threaded Wit! I've decided to start blogging and where better to begin than how I decided to launch this store. First, I should warn you, these are raw, unedited posts - guaranteed to go off topic a time or two, but they're real. Enjoy!

I'd been considering opening this store for quite some time. I was so tired of seeing super fun shirts on various Facebook ads only to wait weeks for them to arrive and discover they were not only shipped from China but sized there too. Why do those shirt never fit?? I refuse to look like I've been vacuum-sealed inside my own clothing just waiting to die. Trust me, you don't want to see that either. 

I spent a sleepless night researching all the options to get custom shirts made right here in the US. Let me just tell you there are TONS of options. I tested so many shirts before I decided on one company that was consistently on time and exceptional quality. At that point, I realized this could be a thing. I could totally design and sell shirts. 

I started bringing the idea up around friends and family and discovered that I wasn't the only one who had fallen victim to the Chinese vacuum-seal of death that comes from wine-induced late night Facebook ad shopping. Yes, it happens to us all.  Not only that but my friends had a ton of great ideas for shirts they wanted. In fact, many of the designs you see today on the site came from one of those conversations - some submitted via napkin :). I have a running list of things AND I'm always open to requests...even if it's just for one shirt. That's the whole point. Our shirts should represent us. Everyday we are out in public, we're messaging something to the world. That message should be representative of you.  

I look forward to sharing more as we go along, and I encourage you to interact with me through our social media channels. 

Rock on!


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